Bits & Pieces – Kristina edition

Let’s be honest, haven’t most of these been Kristina editions?  She’s a pretty good pick-me-up.

I feel run down today. Neither my head or my heart are in school any longer. How do people survive grad school?? Masochists, the lot of them. I just want to be done and move onto the nightmare of facing my student debt (this statement is going to come back to haunt me, I know that).

My 30th birthday will be here before my undergrad diploma and no matter how many times people tell me “it’s just a number” or “you’re almost there,” I feel disheartened and wish I had started my post-secondary career a bit sooner. But I find it helps to look at these pictures and remind myself that I wouldn’t have met most of the most important people in my life had I followed a different timeline.

Kristina highlights:
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February 22, 2105 – at the Hortus Botanicus. 


oh boy, was I sick here? allergies maybe? those are some dark circles. 


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a case against light denim and wet bike seats.
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attentive bar staff.

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February neighbourhood highlights:

They can’t ALL be KPax.

amsterdam’s second best slice of apple pie.
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best/most dangerous reading nook.
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local celebrity.
My “office” at two for joy. I need to find myself a study joint in Vancouver! recommendations welcome.
i’m agitated just looking at this! i do not have the thrifting gene. 
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lovely lucinda. 

Ah, writing this has cheered me up a little.

Speaking of writing, my editorial internship at Western Living is going very well.  I’ll pull together a full portfolio, including print stuff once I’m done at the end of March, but in the meantime here is what I’ve been working on for the web!



Bits & Pieces – Kristina edition

This day last year: February 8

Happy Family Day, fellow BC residents! In an effort to remember how truly spectacular 2015 was, I’ll be checking in every once and a while to see what I was up to this time last year.

February 8, 2015 marked the beginning of two important friendships.

I bought this little beauty:

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The Spruce Goose! RIP. 

And re-connected with this little devil:

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Troublemaker extraordinaire.

Oh, 2015 Sally. I wish I could warn you just how ineffectual the brakes on your new bike are, but you’ll figure it out quickly.

Tot ziens for now!

This day last year: February 8

Half way.

Yesterday was the three month anniversary of my arrival in Amsterdam, which, sadly, means that in that amount of time again I will be back in Vancouver. I love Vancouver and will be happy to see oceans and mountains again, but oh my God will I miss it here.

I have about a million pictures to share from the last week alone, which I will start posting tomorrow, but for now check THIS out: hands free.

Now to improve my punching form…

Video by the very talented Beth MacIntyre. Check out her #wherethefisbeth video series on instagram!!

Half way.

Solo Adventures: Museum Van Loon

I was thinking this morning that I hadn’t done anything particularly Amsterdam-y in a while, so I decided to put my Museumkaart to good use and and check out the Museum Van Loon. It is in an old canal house on Keizergracht that was built in 1672 and then bought as a wedding present (hint hint, parents! one day 😉) for the Van Loon’s, co-founders of the Dutch East India Company, in 1884. It’s rather spectacular. Turns out colonizing the world helps pay for some really beautiful upholstery.

As someone with a serious impulse to snoop and touch things that don’t belong to me, I loved it. There weren’t many other people around, so I had the chance to be in each of the 10 rooms by myself for a bit. I didn’t sit on any of the chairs or beds (because they had strings blocking my way. Rude.) but I couldn’t resist opening a cupboard or two when the hinges cooperated. It was just all so neat and beautifully maintained; it felt like the owners could stride in any second and make me feel horribly lower class. What more could I ask?

The Red Drawing Room
The Red Drawing Room

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Solo Adventures: Museum Van Loon

Breaking the silence…

to report that it was so sunny and beautiful out today that I overheated biking in a cardigan and a thin jacket. After days upon days of rain, gloom and wind that blows you sideways, this is an extremely welcome change. Also, I almost crashed my bike earlier because I got distracted by a hotdog stand. Not quite firing on all cylinders today.

I have been planning out so many posts in my head and on scraps of paper to put up on here, but it seems like every time I tell myself that tonight is the night I’ll finally sit down and write, someone asks if I’d like to go grab a beer. Guess which scenario wins?? My time here is going by too quickly. I’ve already passed the half way mark at school, which means a little less beer and a little more library time for the next few weeks. It’s easy to forget that’s why I’m here…

This has been a bit of a boring update. In lieu of a longer ramble, here are a bunch of my favourite photos from the past few weeks (in reverse order):

Stolen from @maiholdom

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Breaking the silence…