Thoughts and Happenings

Just a quick one today.

  • The seagulls sound insane here. They’re smaller than the ones at home but boy do they ever have maniacal screams. Must try to get one on video.
  • I’ve realized it is much easier to focus on studying in cafes when you can’t understand what anyone around you is saying.
  • I had a trial serving shift at an amazing brunch restaurant yesterday. Don’t know yet whether the job is mine, but I didn’t break or spill a single thing, so I’m chalking it up as a success. The bar manager’s name is also Sally, so they called me Gary all day. Hopefully there’s some wiggle room on that…
  • Here is a video of a charming thing I stumbled across yesterday. The sound is terrible starting at about 0:25, but I’m leaving it in to show how windy it is here at all times. Also I don’t know how to edit videos:

until next time… 

Thoughts and Happenings